5 Common Mistakes When Installing Security Cameras

Security cameras come in handy as far as securing a home, assets, or business premises are concerned. And it is a critical component in home security according to John who work in an Alarm monitoring Houston firm, The practice has grown continuously across the globe. The invention of disruptive technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing has gone a long way in improving the features, as well as the functionality of modern security cameras. Some of the added features include remote and mobile viewing potential, connection with other smart home devices, and storage of captured footage in the cloud.

You must already have familiarized yourself with security cameras, and you cannot wait to install them in your property. Now, before you rush to buy and install the first brand or type you put your hands into, here are a few mistakes you must try to avoid – to ensure you get the best.

  • Wrong choice of cameras

There are various applications of surveillance cameras. A property owner must match every use with an appropriate type of camera. You need to make sure that the camera is fit for the identified area, and most importantly, capable of serving the desired purpose. For instance, night vision cameras are designed for dark areas. Bullet cameras are suitable for narrow and long distances, while PTZ security cameras serve best when installed in wide areas.

  • Failure to consider the position of the sun and possible obstructions

Do not install cameras in areas that you feel are the most suitable. One of the things that should inform your decision for installation areas is the absence of obstruction. The other factor to consider is the position of the sun. Make sure that the focus of the camera will not come into direct contact with the intense glare of the sun. Perform visual inspection at different times of the day.

  • Poor design

A poorly done design can make the difference between making the most out of your surveillance system and achieving minimal surveillance. With poor design, poor quality videos and bad coverage become the order of the day. Have a surveillance map in place to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your surveillance system. Getting things right from the word go will help you save a lot of money.

  1. Placing the security cameras too high A lot of property owners make this mistake. An effective way of avoiding this mistake is to conduct proper tests across the surveillance area and then have a review of the captured videos. Security cameras should be installed in a position that provides the best effective ranges to facilitate proper focus and high-quality video.
  2. Failure to engage a professional

Understandably, the economic environment is already harsh enough, and as such, the need to save every cent. People dismiss the idea of hiring a professional to help in the selection and installation of security cameras to avoid the expense that comes with it. However, you will commit a huge mistake, as you might end up spending much more than you were avoiding when you hire a professional to correct things that have gone.

For instance, imagine buying the wrong cameras. You will bring in a professional to determine what went wrong, and then you realize that you will have to purchase other cameras, this time, the right ones. The wisest thing to do is to engage a professional from the beginning to the end, especially if you are dealing with business alarm systems .

These are some of the most prevalent mistakes that people make when installing security cameras. Now that you know about them, you can avoid them and consequently, make your experience smooth and inexpensive.

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