Best Tooth Replacement Options to Consider

At present times lots of people lose their teeth more, compared to ten years ago, for example. This is probably due to change in lifestyle, especially when it comes to diet. Currently, the commonly consumed foods contain lots of sugar that weakens the teeth, bringing about teeth problems that can result in extraction. All teeth have crucial roles to play, and as such, losing one or more teeth will have an adverse effect on your life.

What are the best tooth replacement options?

There are a couple of options that work incredibly when it comes to replacing teeth. The most effective and the best dental implants are as follows:

Dental implants
This option is best applicable when you want to replace one or more teeth that are in different position in the mouth. The replaced tooth appears and functions naturally making this the best option. Dental implants are made from long-lasting materials like porcelain and titanium and when well taken care of, can last for a lifetime.

Dental bridges
This can be used to replace 2-4 lost teeth that are in the same position in the mouth. They are simply special well fitted crowns that are placed at the gaps with the support of teeth next to the gap. Dental bridges last well over 10 years if oral hygiene is maintained.

These are specially-designed frames for holding artificial “teeth” that are used to replace the lost teeth. Dentures can be used when a single, several, or a set of teeth need to be replaced. Though the teeth are artificial, they are designed to function just like natural teeth.

In summary, The above are the main options to consider when one wants to have their teeth replaced for whatever reason. Before making any decision, however, you should visit a skilled dentist for advice on the best replacement option for your case.