Get All Your Kydex Tuckable Holster Clips Questions Answered

Getting the right holster for yourself is not a simple matter and could be the critical difference between life and death. Here are a few answers to questions many people have regarding kydex tuckable holster clips.

Can kydex tuckable holster clips help you conceal carry without a jacket?

Whether you are an amateur gun enthusiast or a professional security operator it can be very advantageous to conceal a weapon without a jacket. Jackets can sometimes be very uncomfortable on a warm day and they can make you stand out in a crowd. Luckily the Kydex Offset J-Clip Tuckable Holster is designed to help you keep a weapon discreet and safe while maintaining ease of withdrawal. This is achieved through its unique design which keep the gun as close to the body as possible and easily concealed by your shirt.

Do kydex tuckable holster clips provide consistent retention levels?

Kydex holster clips have a good reputation in this department. A good holster must be able to provide two retention capabilities. The first is that the holster must keep a gun inside it safely and second is that the holster must stay firmly attached to your body. These two factors must be in place 100% of the time because a single mistake could cost you your life. There are two primary categories for retention, the first is active retention which uses a physical device to keep the gun firmly holstered. The second is passive retention which relies on a sideways angle and gravity to keep the gun in place. The second option allows for quicker withdrawal but a higher risk of losing your gun.

Do kydex tuckable holster clips allow for quick reholstering?

Just as it is important to be able to draw your gun quickly it is also critical that you should be able to return it quickly. Kydex holster clips have a curved design that remains open to allow you to conveniently return your gun to its proper position. This helps avoid uncomfortable situations of fidgeting to return your gun.

Are kydex tuckable holster clips comfortable to wear?

There is nothing worse for a gun enthusiast than an uncomfortable holster clip. It can turn your entire day into a mess or worse force you to remove the holster and carry your gun like a novice. Kydex tuckable clips are designed with the human body in mind to provide maximum comfort and security. Kydex holsters for fashion sensitive women are also available so that you can look as chic as you are dangerous.

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