Getting to Know All about Gun Brace Straps

gun brace straps

The list of rifles that are also great pistols is very short. This is amongst the main reasons why gun brace straps were invented. This tool has grown to gain a lot of respect amongst gun lovers because of its usefulness and effectiveness.

Before we can dive further on gun brace straps, let us have a quick look at the current legalities. The National Firearms Act of 1934 restricts the use of short-barrelled rifles. The NFA later on added more regulations to the likes of suppressors, automatic guns, and shotguns.

However, there was one exemption. The AR-15 pistol isn’t recognized by the NFA as a rifle. Implying that even though it looks like a rifle, it is legally identified as a pistol. Thus pardoned by the NFA from the above-stated restrictions. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to refer to your local laws on firearms.

Anyway, as much as the legal frameworks and concepts of the AR-15 pistol were amazing, the buffer tube was the main drawback. Because it extends beyond the butt of the gun, it can be quite uncomfortable especially after shooting several rounds. Due to this particular reason, manufacturers started creating gun brace straps to make the gun easier and comfier to handle.

A Brief History of Brace Straps

Basically, this tool turns your heavy gun into a more functional weapon that is convenient to use. This brilliant tool is accredited to the idea of a US veteran by the name Alex Bosco. Back in 2012, he envisioned a device that could assist disabled shooters to have more control over their guns.

Later on, he partnered with SB Tactical to create brace straps for both AR and AK platforms. Of course, there was some confusion back in 2017 when these braces entered the market. This was however cleared up by ATF when they released a statement declaring that braces do not in any way convert pistols into short-barrelled rifles. As a result, everyone can now legally make use of this unique tool without worrying about getting into the wrong side of the law.

What is a Gun Brace?

Kindly note that a gun brace is not a stock. A brace is attached to the end of an AR pistol and it slides all the way to the buffer tube. You can attach it to your forearm and it’s held in place through friction. Provided it is attached to your arm, the brace will ensure the gun is very stable.

As a gun enthusiast, you may be wondering can you use the brace on your shoulder. Well, the ATF has never really given a way forward on how the tool should be used. What is known is that ATF allows users to either strap it on their arms or rest it on their cheeks. Whether you can or can’t put it in your shoulders is still unknown.

Gun brace straps make it surprisingly easy to run and gun. Not to mention it adds stability irrespective of the platform you are firing on. If you decide to rest it on your cheeks, it can greatly improve sight. Irrespective of how you use this tool, the benefits you can expect include ease of use, convenience, comfort, and accurate shooting. If you were considering getting one, know that you will get good value for your money. I recommend checking out the Recover Tactical 20/20 or the SBM4.