Introducing the KPOS Scout

The KPOS Scout is a Glock to carbine conversion kit, which, when it is in use, is able to give your Glock a lot of potential that can be really fun. At the lowest level of this option, the KPOS Scout is simply a shell that the automatic pistol can slide right into. It is set up to be quick and simple to install so you can move form a handgun to a rifle and back again with just a few seconds on the system.
In addition to being a simple conversion kit, you will notice the KPOS Scout comes with a full length scope that you can enjoy. This scope offers you a chance to have a longer sight radius when you rock your irons and even the ability to work with a red dot optic if you so choose. For some of the more expensive options that you choose to work with, you may enjoy additional features like a LAM, a flashlight, and even a folding forward grip to make it easier to work with.

The reason to work with this system is that it is set up to make your Glock more effective in combat. The KPOS Scot will make your Glock easier to handle, easier to control, and help you to extend your effective range if you need. Taking it from a simple pistol up to a carbine will take you five seconds or less, cutting out the wasted time, even when you are in a hurry.
If you are considering using this option, it does have compatibility with quite a few of the Glocks that you would like to work with. It works with the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, and 32. It may be able to work with a few other options as well but you do need to be careful. It is designed to hold onto all of the extra accessories that you need with this gun as well, helping you get everything done without having to sacrifice at all.
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