k9 tactical gear

Tactical MPC vest- The tactical MPC vest is made bulletproof armor and weighs 30 pounds. It includes quick release, cover on the back, side, and shoulders, pouches on the sides, spots for wiring, a bolster for the rifle, and a closure system.

Tracking/ trailing harness- The sentinal tracking/ trailing harness is padded in order to have not only comfort but also strength in doing its job, a neck strap so it does not choke the animal that is wearing it, attachment places, removable chest plate for extra protection when tracking, a buckle, security strap for a beacon, a handle for the owner to hold on to in order to not lose the dog, and straps as well.

Canine flotation device also known as PFD (personal floatation device)- Most canines need a floatation device when swimming for a long period of time with no breaks from the water in order to protect them if their stamina drops and they can no longer hold themselves above water. As well as if there are large waves that may pull the animal below a floatation device would prevent any harm coming to the dog.