Prominent Handguns for You

Everybody has got their favorite gun. It could be for hunting or just for fun shooting at the range but there is that one that makes you feel more secure. This article has a listing of popular guns that can be found in the market that are quite effective and comfortable.

Walther PPQ

  1. Walther PPQ
    This handgun is widely recognized by people because of its reliability. It is a favorite gun for those who own multiple handguns. It has a light crisp trigger that most people fall in love with. You may need some time to adjust to Walther PPQ but its trigger enables the gun to be more accurate and very fast.
  2. CZ P09
    The main reason why this gun made it to this list is that it holds 20 rounds of ammunition. In as much as it has got some downfalls, it is ideal for even your home protection. It is ideal for even some experienced shooters. The only issue could be that you will not be able to carry it around with you comfortably. This is because the gun itself is big and could be a bit heavy and not suitable for inside the pants holster.
  3. Kel-Tec PMR-30
    This is a .22 magnum and semi-automatic gun that is able to hold 30 rounds. IT is light and therefore loved by many, it has low recoil and very durable in nature. The pistol was first introduced at a fanfare in 2010. A combination of aluminum fittings and polymer was used around components of steel in order to reduce the weight of the PMR-30 and ease the grip capability of small hands. The magazine release of the gun is that of the European and it happens at the pistol’s heel instead of up through the trigger guard.
  4. Sig Sauer P320
    It is also referred to as M17 in the army. It was selected in 2017 to be the official US Army pistol. The civilian version has a firing system that is striker-based and it is built with polymer. At some time some video surfaced online showing how the weapon could discharge itself having been dropped at a given angle.
    The company, however, did an upgrade on the same and to rectify that problem. Consumers still consider it safe and efficient after that time since it is still widely bought. The company manufacturing this handgun today is Sig Sauer Inc.
  5. Berreta 92FS
    Many people still bash on the berretta. People argue that is quite heavy, they nag its DA trigger regime. Some people will also complain about its size. That it is big for the caliber. However, the reason it appeared on this list is simply because of its reliability. Many say that this gun never malfunctions. You can trust this handgun at any given time. Someone also told me you can use Baby eagle holsters for the 92FS as well, although it sounds weird to me.
  6. Springfield XDM
    People are complaining about this handgun’s trigger which seems to be so close. They, however, look for parts in the market to improve the comfortability of their hand with the trigger. It is a favorite handgun for many people because of its precision and aim. With this weapon, you are able to aim and shoot at an attacker before they even draw their gun at you. It is perfect when your home safety is at jeopardy.