What was so good about 2020?

When we look back on the year 2020, it is sometimes hard to look at all of the positive. For many, the world was turned upside down and a lot was uprooted about the life they got to enjoy. This makes it hard to look hard and see if there was anything good to recognize or enjoy about the whole year. While there is a good deal to be upset about and a lot of bad that happened in the past year, there are also some things we can look back on and appreciate about 2020.

Spending More Time with Family

During the pandemic, many families had to spend more time with one another. This was a big change from what they had done in the past with all of their activities and work and school. With parents home and kids no longer in school, families got to enjoy more time with one another.

Realizing What is Important

Many families had to take a step back and see what was important in their lives. They had to spend time with their family, they may have seen a reduction in their hours and their pay and how much they are able to bring in each month. This forced them to have to focus on what is the most important to them.

Seeing Communities Come Together

Due to the coronavirus changing up so much, many people had to rely on their neighbors and the community as a whole to provide them with some of the support they needed. And the community did come together to help those in need.

It is easy to take a look back at the whole year of 2020 and see some of the negatives and not focus at all on the positives. But when we take a step back and forget some of the negatives, we can see that we are lucky to have a lot of good in our lives.